My name is Phil Dean. I was born in greenest Albion in the year of Tolkien's death, and I now live in the west of Batmania, Terra Australis. I write songs and sing them. Sometimes - if I'm feeling particularly energised - I'll record them too. 

I look on in awe at songwriters such as Justin Sullivan (New Model Army), Mike Scott (The Waterboys), Peter Perrett, Kate Bush, Bob Marley, Tom Waits and David Bowie.

Betwixt 2004-2015 I played about 350 shows with my old folk/rock/punk/misc band Zeptepi (now in an indefinite state of hibernation), and we released 10 albums in all. That was lots of fun, and then it wasn't.

I wrote a whole bunch of songs in late 2013/early 2014 that I didn’t feel were right for Zeptepi, and decided I’d start a new project instead, which became The Gathering Tide. I recorded an album between 2014-16, essentially as a solo project - but some fine musicians assisted me greatly, including CC Thornley (banjo), Paul Angas (keyboards, drums), Claire Johnstone (fiddle), Peter O’Shea (fiddle), Peter Donelly (piano, organ) and Darn Thorn (piano).

The album was released on September 1st 2016, and you can stream or purchase it via the links on this site. 

I've wound down the live performances over the last couple of years, but in 2017 The Gathering Tide began playing some full band shows, with Peter O'Shea on fiddle, Paul Angas on drums and Steve Temple on double-bass. With a following wind, we'll play a few more.

I've also started writing a lot of new songs, so 2018 will see the seond Gathering Tide album if all goes to plan. Twitter is the best way to keep up with any news on this front. Sorry about that.

You can also find on this here website an archive containing a little info on my previous bands over the last 20 years or so. Well you see I have all this stuff, and I don’t know where to put it… so this seemed as good a place as any...